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I like cake: Atlanta Market Report

Kitchen Papers is a favorite retail partner that always provides an inspiring display with plenty of creative ideas that translate into fabulous reasons to check out our newest arrivals! When we entered the showroom, we made a beeline for a new introduction that was fashion inspired! Another motif was cake/pastry related … in other words, “ohsosusan”!

We ordered a fun assortment of this theme and can’t wait to see them at the home store!

Pastries, cake domes, saucepans and all manner of tea party items present on place mats and runners. The one on the right; historic chairs, filled another new design category. In the foreground, our very popular flat wear table runner! Love.

Those of you who know me well know I. Like. Cake. I love baking them, whether it’s my mother’s famous passed-down recipes or a new pin from Pinterest, I’m happy when I’m baking a cake. Naturally, this one stole my heart. This collection definitely made the cut.

These  place cards allow you to write each guest’s name on the vintage meat cover, fold and place in a cool holder for your table design. Cuter than cute. Your guests will know that you put real effort and creative energy into your event.

These new designs should be coming soon…if you are a fan of Kitchen Papers already, great! If you want to become one…stop by for some inspiration from my recent selections from my summer Market!