Juliana Ferrazzi
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interior design q&a: ceiling beams

Are you at home looking at your ceiling?


If you are all staying in, as I am, you may be noticing areas in your house you would like to change. In fact, I’ve always loved my kitchen color, Sherwin Williams Svelte Sage. It reminds me of Ina Garten’s original Food Network’s kitchen. (At least I could pretend I was a chef!) But I can see it’s time to change the color, now that I’ve been staring at it for a week with the coronavirus quarantine! I’ll have to work on some ideas. But, we aren’t talking about me. Let’s talk ceilings.


Many people in Bucks County ask me about adding beams to their ceiling. Will it add character? Will it make sense? The answer is: “yes, but.” Yes, but make sure it compliments the style you like and truly does make sense architecturally for your house. Adding thicker crown molding, raised paneling or built-ins could be the best route instead.


In my most recent project, though, beams were an absolute YES. It was a soaring ceiling with poor craftsmanship that needed a facelift.



It was one of those places where you just don’t want people to look. (We’ve all been in that situation for one reason or another, right?) So how could I solve this problem to  enjoy the height and beauty of the room? Let’s cover those angles with faux beams!


The house already had a farmhouse style look, and it was the general vibe I was going for. We connected with a contractor; he came over, measured and made a mock-up of how he could do it. We had it stained to our liking and the contractor’s team got up on the scaffolding and took care of installation.



It was so easy (of course, we weren’t up on the scaffolding!). And it looks amazing.



A huge transformation, and the faux beams look so purposeful, like they are an original part of the structure. So if you’d like to add architectural detail to your home, think about all the options. We can definitely source real beams, take solid pieces of wood to distress and stain, or create faux beams. The possibilities are endless to add beauty to your home and our job is to get you there.