Susan Taylor
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It’s all new again! Stunning showroom arrivals

With fall in the air, it seemed like the perfect time to dig in and make a complete floor change. Every sofa is flipped, tables find new homes and mantels are new with the perfect story to complete each new vignette. Many hours of manpower are supplied to pull this off and in the end, it all looks like magic! And, it’s no surprise this time…we pulled it off with the help of our whole team!

Here’s just a few teasers to entice you to come in…

This iron and linen bed sets the stage for a cozy guest retreat, so perfect for Bucks County. Add a narrow mirrored side chest and coarse linen shaded lamps, a wool blanket folded at the bottom of the bed, and settle in for a fall overnight stay.

…pretty cool and stylish! This hair on hide miniature ottoman is the perfect touch!

The stage is set in the next vignette for more fall accessories…one of my personal favorite magnifiers and an oblong metal basket tray filled with gilded pears. Ahhhhh!

In the same theme, I love this birch cutting, protected by an extra tall cloche. Sooooooo stylishly organic.

I love my books….not so much the blurry photo! As you can see, the whole menswear look dominates this area of the store. You’ll always find volumes of beautiful books to complete your look. I. Love. Books.

An entire table of organic inspired accents always draws attention and steals hearts who love all things vintage and natural. Count me in.

For those of you who know my love of succulents, and their use in all room settings (!) this new beauty with air roots will be a keeper. Better run in, I don’t have too many!

There are many more areas to the showroom floor (all 10,000 square feet) that have inspiring new designs and colors. Stay tuned for more inspiration or just pop in for your own private tour! Hope to see you soon.