Susan Taylor
project files

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

This favorite project just got decked with holiday glam! The garland was added and then this spectacular shatterproof silver ornament garland was added-in a blink of an eye, fabulous style! Anyone can do it! Get yours in gold or silver. We secured the shimmery wreath to the mirror with a giant command hook…tied a double faced satin bow and stepped back to admire our design! #ohsosusan

This mixed green garland has white pine, magnolia leaves and tiny green pepper berries…add this stunning white satin ribbon in a simple looped bow with multiple tails and a trio of shatterproof ornaments…Wow! (This will definitely weather the 4 active children who frequent this stairway!)

These shatterproof ornaments on thin tinsel twine (mercury looking, no less!) updated this chandelier and added the drama we needed to complete the foyer. My 8 foot ladder was none too tall for this task…

This lantern was filled with giant sugar cones and snow…add a little “Joy” and you’ve got the perfect eye candy for a darling family!

Christy’s ever favorite dining room was trimmed with glee. I added frosty greens to the succulent trophy vases, a supple, realistic garland to the art and several large sprays to the side board. A pair of silver deer grace the surface., With these practical dining chairs, covered in Sunbrella performance fabric, this room is ready for guests!

At the end of the day, we finished the design and met our fitness goal all together.

Another busy day for the Black-eyed Susan design team! Tomorrow, more halls to deck! Stay tuned.