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Setting the Stage for Style: Dining Table Centerpieces

With the current trend of cleaner looks, bolder accessories and statement art, our dining room table centerpieces have made changes as well! Black-eyed Susan is always full of inspiration, showing several dining tables with ideas and available inventory to make your own statement.

Get past exaggerated floral designs and go big, bold and beautiful with a sculptural centerpiece. Consider a large collection of large vessels, lidded or filled with botanical leaves and singular stems of exotic orchids. The strong contrast of white is always bold and arresting! White plus one color in your choice of a statement flower will be your style signature. Try using several sizes with complimentary shapes; clusters of three work well. The drama and height of your chandelier will dictate a lot, but the simplicity of today’s designs can work together easily.

Another look that speaks volumes is the trend of large lanterns. Try three in a row, or two larger ones with an accent look in the center. Our Luminara candles are one of the biggest hits ever, combining safety, atmosphere and ease all together. (Love. These.)

Many of the dining tables we are currently designing with are oversized in length. These tables that are 108″ and even longer give plenty of room for large-scaled favorites. I will be showcasing a new dining table centerpiece vision every week on our Instagram feed: give us a follow and look for the hashtag #centerpieceoftheweek! We love making a vision for you that can easily be duplicated to take home.

We will be orchestrating an entire floor change in the next week. Every piece of furniture and accent table, accessory and art will find a new home, use and look!  It’s a huge effort, yet inspiring and much anticipated by all Black-eyed Susan fans. Come see the magic.