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Susan’s Inner Hall; More Pink!


Just through the front foyer, you will find a center hall that leads in one direction back to the private owner’s sanctuary suite and the other direction connects it to the dining room.

In our previous home, we had several oversized and unique Habersham hand crafted cabinets and display furniture pieces. I parted with most of them, but this one I repainted (don’t tell) and the unusual size and height is almost like a mantle. More storage (always good!) and very narrow, as it allows for styling as well as passage to the owner’s suite. Metallic hide mirrors, unusually tall, reflect the stairwell lighting and dining room.

Who doesn’t want a darling hot pink lamp with a pink lined shade?!


My love of botanicals changes with seasons here, but generally uses some pink in the mix. Trailing ferns add softness and drama.


My daugher made these books for me several years ago for Christmas! I love the sentiment and the reminder of hand made gifts. Thanks, Michelle!

This unique side board has an almost modern farmhouse look, again, mixing old and new. Chic polished nickle trim and hardware mixes with rustic natural wood. It allows for some closed and some display storage. A coordinating tall china cupboard houses a large collection of vintage china, all monogramed with “S” . I purchased it from The Philadelphia Flower Show years ago, which was salvaged from a luxury cruise liner. Those photos are for another time!

Close-up of spring/summer floral. *sigh*

It’s been a joy writing about my home in Charlotte and sharing it with you! Each word is a reminder of memories and collections, old and new- my very own #ohsosusan and #purestyle shared with you.