Susan Taylor
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take a breath of spring

The most adorable, happy accents have been hiding in my stockroom for weeks…but as of last Wednesday, they have come out from the stockroom shelves and are ready to make every heart sing with spring!

Colorful blooms, miniature bouquets, love-themed trinkets…they’re all here for you to bask in and find that hidden smile that comes alive in the spring. The whole showroom just makes me happy!

Pop a handful of cheerful daffodils and narcissus in a cheerful container and find the perfect spot to bring cheer and glee. This cold, cold weather can be a real spirit breaker. These will bring a smile to your heart!

A row of bunnies, small and smaller, is just the thing to find a home for on a prime windowsill or small mantle ledge like this. Popular tiny collectibles won’t stay around long. (Note to self: save some for Susan!)

What is it about polka dots?! Add a vintage-inspired chick and this beautiful French tea service…and, perhaps a framed phrase of vintage flash cards for instant personality on a kitchen shelf or sill.

Tiny orange blooms spring forth to bring the bold contrast of color in all sorts of places throughout the store. See how many different uses you can spot and get inspired to take a happy bunch home. I seated these pale alliums in an almost ombre-looking pairing of colored glass. Available in several colors and hues. Oh so Susan!

The store is filled with inspirations and the pure joy of spring! Come in and take in the view, and find your own look for a happy home.

Think spring!