Susan Taylor
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why to shop on Thursdays

I have made a career based on details. Perfect placement has always been a trademark and specialty that I cherish. Every Wednesday night, barring travel of grave illness (!), I work with a great team to rework the retail floor, add fresh merchandise that has just arrived, and turn all the surfaces into new inspirations. #purestyle

I’ll try to give you an update each week and give you a glimpse at the newest and favorites that have hit the floor! There’s a lot of magic that happens each Wednesday night. It’s a lot of effort, but keeping the Black-eyed Susan home store new and inspiring is at the top of my list! You will always find new offerings, ideas to take home for your own creations, and the pick of the newest selections. Thursdays should be your day! I hope you’ll be a regular Thursday visitor to see the #wednesdaynightmagic.