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2019: a dazzling year in review

2019 was truly a most exciting and fulfilling year for the Black-eyed Susan design team! When we looked over the completed projects that we had the blessing of being involved in during the year, our heads were spinning to see how many we really designed. Take a look at this list and I’ll review several of the joyful projects we put our creative moxie to use for. It’s been a full and exciting year of #purestyle.

Twenty-seven client projects during 2019 included two complete soup-to-nuts projects from new construction, renovations to “hip things up a bit,” whole house paint consultations, new kitchens and baths, fabulous family hangout spaces, fresh foyers, new personal master bedroom suites … the list goes on and on. All in all, this is our tally of inspiring work:

22 bathrooms

21 bedrooms

15 family rooms

10 foyers

9 kitchens

7 living rooms

6 dining rooms

Plus there were sun rooms, laundry rooms, so many offices, libraries, basements, reading nooks, sitting rooms, mud rooms, game rooms, galleries, bar rooms, media rooms, a pool house & more.

Sometimes a project that requires some outside-the-box thinking brings the greatest rewards! One home that we worked on was a smaller renovation of about four rooms—family room; basement gathering office area; kitchen with attached dining space; and a small powder room. This space was home to an empty nester couple with very specific desires. They wanted something completely fresh, and we delivered! I’ll have to say it was one of the biggest transformations of stylish living spaces we created all year. The layout changed, the room palette changed, the style changed! And we think the use of the room changed as well, providing a welcoming personal space to come home to each day. The client listened and was open to new ideas and everything worked! 


Another rewarding project was a fresh update for a stylish retirement apartment. The original design had been done about 12 years ago and our client was ready for a fresh look. A new paint palette, some reupholstery, fabulous updated wallpaper for the foyer, a few new accents, new master bedding and some deletions of larger furniture pieces. It ended with the rehanging and redesigning of a 100+ fine art collection, giving an entirely new, fresh look for a darling return client and friend. The result was personal, stunning and refreshing. (Not to mention #ohsosusan!)  


When an entire home is designed from the ground up, it’s a long project and a very detailed one. We had the pleasure of two such projects this year and found ourselves immersed in family dynamics—blending styles for many family members, creating spaces for new memories to be made and keeping family histories intact. We love extending a personal approach from room to room and designing hand in hand with each homeowner. Keeping warmth and approach ability is key in new construction, with the goal to create a personal design that is enduring and stylish. I will tell you that these whole house projects become very close to our hearts and we feel a real part of the family during the process. 

The second floor landing has room for casual eating, games or reading. Love the black and white here!


I predict this kitchen will become our new most viewed kitchen! And why not?! It’s a great example of mixed metals and #purestyle.


Harking back to a more traditional look with family art, we added drama with these navy painted chests.


This is one of six bathrooms that all received a delightful addition of wallpaper! Each one was a favorite and better than the last! With the help of our expert paper hanger, a true artist, these bathrooms were transformed to another level of beauty.



This next project had so many elements of design and focus, it was a two year project just full of beauty. The homeowner was very involved in weekly meetings with us and I guess it goes without saying that we felt as if we should design one of the bedrooms for ourselves as part of the family!

Here’s just a hint of the fabulous design elements in this gorgeous Bucks County manor house. The front staircase leading to the second level is grand and quite a statement. There were so many lighting elements to this project, and this sculptural branch dripping in unusual crystals is the baby sister to to the 60 x 72″ one in the large foyer! The custom railing combines iron and the finest wood hand rail to become a real architectural element in the home. Finding just the right console table was one of our challenges, and we truly love this one.


The dining room thrilled us with a metallic wallpaper on this intricate ceiling. But wait! Is the chandelier the real show stopper?! Or maybe it’s the two long consoles booked together to add the linear drama to this room … but wait, we love the seating for twelve as well! So many loves in this room. Here our client has the beginnings of her Christmas table setting.


The piano gallery is one of the true unique spaces in this custom build. Let’s just say that the glitz and glamour of these 4 (yes, 4!) grand crystal chandeliers speaks volumes about the #purestyle of this homeowner! Added since this shot are two chic acrylic and chrome drink tables between each chair. I’m guessing they will be used this holiday! Black painted doors add to the drama and balance of the baby grande piano. Come have a seat with a view of the surrounding beauty.


Looking down into the formal living room, you get a feel for the serene beauty of this space. Next step: fabulous accessories to dress the surfaces and complete the room.


Transforming a strongly appointed Bucks County home from a previous owner into a fresh, simplified modern space for a young family was a great challenge, but that’s what makes it fulfilling. The idea was to create a calm, serene space with a slight rustic and bohemian flair to reflect the personality of this California family. Wooden beams and an enormous chandelier were added to the ceiling in the great room to bring back some design elements that are fitting for Bucks County, while bringing warmth to the home.


Every once in a while, we get the opportunity to redesign the bedrooms of young adults who just aren’t children anymore. Black, white with accents of charcoal gray seem to be the look young adults were drawn to in 2019. Although their parents were not as enthusiastic at first, they realized how warm, comfortable and classic the spaces turned out to be once the final design was in place.


One of the biggest changes we transformed was a family room for a darling young family who wanted to have a “grown up room” for family gatherings and entertaining. Replacing furniture that had lived with the family through grad school, two young boys who are quickly growing up, several moves and now big professions was exciting and rewarding! An entire new room layout, new colors and hip young style resulted in a beautiful family-friendly, warm, personal and completely new living space that was loved immediately by all. Every inch of the room was new and the final placement of accessories and art was a true pleasure.  We see many more years of family memories being made here. We love our jobs!


One of our last projects of the year was the redesigning of a great room for a returning client from years ago! What an honor it is to be called back! While we loved the original room (over 15 years ago), we soooo enjoyed bringing some #purestyle into this home once again.

With a palette of grays and eggplant, the homeowner gave us a great deal of creative freedom to create and put our very favorite selections into the room design. Using bold accent colors that somehow still seemed neutral, but with strong contrast, we went to town and we were not disappointed!  

A rear staircase wall, once collaged with almost 50 mirrors, was a challenge. We needed to come up with something that was just as memorable and stylish as the last impact and just wait till you see what we did! The room was exciting from start to finish and we had a delightful journey along the way. The entire room was designed, ordered and installed in record speed, and just in time for family gatherings and Christmas! What a fun gift of design.


It’s been a challenging and fulfilling year for sure. Without our clients, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to express our best ideas. We’re so thankful for so many beautiful homes we have spent time in and had the opportunity to give of ourselves with our best ideas. We close 2019 with gratitude and tender memories and look forward to yet another year ahead of new ideas that reach even higher. Thank you all from our hearts to yours for such a memorable year of #purestyle.


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