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perfect beach house bedroom details

I have always had a tagline about #perfectplacement. Any room comes alive with the perfect placement of details! I’m going to post a series of blogs about just that: the details!

Let’s go through this owner’s suite at my beach house to kick off a deep dive into the details and why they make such a difference.

Here is a shot of the focal point of the room, the bed wall. Bedding, custom pillows, lamps, mirrors, coastal accents … each play a role in creating a finished room with interest. Once a color palette is established for a room design, I start keeping my eye out for the perfect finishing details and accessories, right down to the last accent. It’s like putting your jewelry on, and my followers know how I feel about that!


Your collection of pillows will depend on several things, and the time you are willing to dedicate to making and unmaking your bed is one of the first determining factors! Here, I used one of my favorite large shams, the dutch sham. These are king size, slightly taller than a Euro sham and king in width. I like them boxed and several bedding lines we carry offer these, or we can have them custom made as these were. You can see my palette is ballet pink and gray. Who doesn’t like an animal print in these colors?! In front of the Dutch shams, I have used a pair of queen shams that were part of a coverlet set in my pretty pink. I then added a bit of a boho touch with the textural black and pink pillow, another custom lumbar in a graphic swirl fabric and one last lumbar in a soft velvet.

These details on the bed make it inviting, cozy and chic all at the same time. Placement is paramount, but you can mix it up in several different ways. (Watch for my blog post regarding just that!)


I selected a matching pair of coastal influenced mirrors in a whitewashed rattan. The reflective quality is just enough to make a statement behind each white lamp. Don’t expect to put your lipstick on in these mirrors, they’re just to anchor each side of the king size upholstered bed! A soft pink mercury glass bubble bowl and selenite sculpture (in pink, of course) gives just a tiny bit of glamour to one side of the bed.

Note the height of the bed in relationship to the higher transom square windows. Perfection.


And here’s a closeup of the printed vinyl grasscloth I used for the hero wall of the room. Practical, coastal vibe and a big statement for little investment. I love the two textures of the wallpaper and the rattan mirror. Details.


When I purchased the pink coral on lucite stands, I really didn’t know where they would end up. Sometimes that happens when stockpiling accessories for styling a finished project, and sometimes, I know  exactly where something will be used. In this case, the window casings happened to be just deep enough for me to place one sculpture in each window frame. I added oversized starfish, each in slightly different placements for interest. Mix it up a little! I love the silhouette these pieces provide and they turned out to be one of my very favorite details of the room. These are an example of what I call “perfect placement.” Love.


One the other side of the bed, I used opalescent small vessels and filled them with pink glass, then a dahlia in one and a small succulent nesting in the other.  The stones repeat the color palette and add a bit of glam coastal vibe at the same time. Note the wavy glass on the lamps?! Another perfect detail for a beach house.


Soft, unlined drapery panels with gray tassels are perfect to add a romantic touch … nothing heavy, but they finish the window. These are from a ready-made vendor we love, they lots of different styles to choose from and are quite affordable as well. It’s all in the details!


The negative space above the TV was the perfect place to hang these shell prints. Neutral in color (they almost look like negatives) and framed in white with a delicate silver fillet … just right for this space. They are soft and yet engaging, not distracting to TV watching, and the perfect scale for the wall space above the TV. This area can be challenging in many rooms. It begs for something, but shouldn’t compete with the television. Perfect!


On the right side, see a close up of a lidded ginger jar finished in a delicate ombre pink to white glaze. And what about those pink sea urchins in the gray coastal dish?! I love these delicate darlings!


Note the long vessels on the left with pink enameled interior detail! Oh. Yes! I used selenite rods in one and pink, drapey succulents in the other. I snatched these beauties as soon as they came in the stockroom, knowing they would be perfect here.


Find these little finishing touches on the desk of the owner’s suite. A hip lamp to welcome you, cyclamen blooming in white, and a large format piece of art to drama!


I placed several gray textured poofs in the room in lieu of chairs, which proved too large. These are the perfect accent, yet perfect for putting your sandals on or leaving a night wrap while sleeping. Love these!

This is a fairly good shot of the rug as well … one important finishing detail! All performance rugs for a beach retreat. They can withstand sand and wet feet … clean up easily, yet provide ample #purestyle !

So you see, it’s all in the details! Watch for more examples in the weeks to come. Black-eyed Susan is the place to find all the perfect details to finish your rooms!

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