Juliana Ferrazzi
home style tips

6 ways to turn your bedroom into a personal oasis

Have you ever been to a hotel and felt like you walked into heaven? A perfect space that was airy, ethereal and you knew you would never want to leave. I have had those moments and have definitely seen them in movies. So how can we create that oasis at home? Whatever your idea of an oasis looks like, it’s possible to bring those elements into your own home. We do it all the time for our clients and we love knowing they are having a blissful sleep in a room we designed. I’ll walk you through six key elements that will create that perfect dream spot.

1. Sheets

First off, the sheets. This is an important choice as they are the first thing you touch. A soft 100% organic cotton or linen sheets are the best. As a natural fiber, cotton is soft, strong, and easy to care for. The higher the thread count, the softer the sheets. Thread count refers to the number of threads (strands of fabric) per square inch of fabric. Linen sheets have a slight texture to them and have a more worn in, wrinkled look. I purchased a linen set and it definitely has a more casual look, so if you aren’t a fan of wrinkles, it’s not for you. We carry the brand Avasa Home, and we love their choices.


2. Decorative bedding

As for decorative bedding and pillows, you can add sumptuous velvet, linen, or patterned pillows and faux fur throws. That’s the perfect combination for a cozy and elegant feel. Ann Gish is one of the luxury companies we love that is very artistic and sumptuous.


3. Window treatments

Do you remember the movie The Holiday, where Cameron Diaz’s character has this gorgeous house in LA? In her bedroom she clicks with one remote and all her shades go down. My dream! What a great little luxury to be able to lay in bed and with the press of a button, your blinds are up and you can  start your day. Of course in that fantasy someone would be bringing a lovely cup of coffee over to my bedside … with pastries! But what really is important is a good night’s sleep. Studies have shown that only when it is very dark your body produces melatonin. Melatonin fights diseases and will help provide a restorative sleep. That’s the number one priority, and room darkening shades are the solution. We carry Hunter Douglas window treatments that are gorgeous. We’ve used them in a variety of spaces and all of our clients love the results.


4. Aromatherapy

Scent is one of our most important senses (I have a little video all about scent in the bedroom on my Instagram). There are a variety of ways to add scent, and lavender is the key scent to help promote relaxation and boost a restful sleep. Take a look at this article from Women’s Health, it goes over different types of essential oils and how they can help your health.


5. Lighting

Lighting is extremely important too. Soft lightbulbs in lamps and a beautiful chandelier adds a romantic and elegant feel. Dim enough where it won’t hurt your eyes, but bright enough to read your favorite book.


6. Accessories

Adding accents make your oasis special and provide ease. Ease and comfort is the ultimate in luxury. A little tray to hold your extra rings or watch. A notebook and pen to jot down your thoughts or revelations. A pretty little bud vase that has the perfect white tulip next to a bowl with crystals and a couple succulents. Artfully placed accessories add a delicate touch to your bedside tables and dressers.

Think about how you want your room to feel and what an oasis means to you. A tropical island, a cozy cottage, fresh white sheets and a cup of tea.  Your bedroom may already be great and adding a few extra touches is all you need.

We’ve designed many bedrooms and love to create a special space for our clients. A place they can come home to and feel transported  to their own private oasis. Give me a call or email us and we can surely take you there!