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#falalalafabulous! Christmas collection tour 2016

Well, here’s to another year of fabulous holiday collections! After a few weeks of long hours, glass glitter cuts, ideas galore and ladder climbing, hanging, decking the halls, lighting and dusting with snow…well, you get the picture! It’s been a long setup, but the results are what I like to call falalalafabulous! Yes. That’s exactly what it is.

A merry beginning!

For a few months, I’d been thinking of a temporary inspiration for my 2016 Holiday Collection. This white temporary wall paper with large random dots filled that vision, and with some expert help from my husband and a darling holiday coworker elf, they made it happen! That’s what I call falalalafabulous!

Final inspiration dot paper

Here’s a shot of the completed visual. White+gold = the perfect formula for a stylish holiday season. Love the wreath. Love the gold. Love the white contrast. Love! Come in while the selection is still complete.

“Turn The Page” art

This favorite art piece found home for several of my tiny tree collections! Those of you who have followed my many years of Christmas collections will know that I have a special place in my heart for vintage reproduction sisal trees. Line them up along the frame of any art, mirror, or windowsill and you have a perfectly quaint Christmas story. I can’t get enough of these tiny treasures.

Teton trees

This year, I am featuring a new tree design with these ceramic Teton trees! Mix them into your sisal tree collections for a touch of sophisticated modernism. You will find silver, white, gold, and copper in 4-5 sizes each!  Use them with Santas, deer, penguins … sheep?! Or, stand them alone across your mantle, windowsill, or console. *Sigh* (Don’t worry, I already purchased my collection!)

Oh, those trees!

Glass glittered branches and birds … the perfect heavenly combination!

This is one of my favorite tree stories this year. Think soft blue to navy…birds, pinecones and glass glittered branches. Soooooo pretty! I won’t kid you that our hands were filled with tiny cuts from glittering our branches and working them into the tree, but every scratch was worth it! Layers of white, pale blue and navy accents make this tree dramatically chic. I would like to transport the whole tree right into my great room! Birds perch from boughs, branches and limbs, some glass and some glittered feathered friends. I had my creative helpers add some of our glass glitter to the feathered ones to add a little glam! Perfect.

A perfect friendship

After selling through 144 white penguins last year, I brought them back again this year … yes, of course, with glitter! “Tis the season” after all! Two sizes of these darlings are paired with my favorite silver modern  Teton trees. They are all going fast!  I’ll be sad when I have to design another mantle.

Popular penguins!

Another view. See what I mean?!

Our striking ombre tree!

My ombre tree is another realized inspiration! This is a trend in every stylish walk of life …. hair, sweaters, drapery fabrics, cakes, I can’t think of anything that you can’t find this gradual gradation of color in! So why not a dramatic Christmas tree?! (The Rockefeller Center needs to know about this!)  This one is a must see. It’s packed full and has an added interest of deer! Standing, sitting, prancing, and in cream, gold, or champagne. Oh. Deer.

A beautiful story of cream to chocolate

Susan’s coveted sugar pine cones

Every year, I offer these beautiful sugar cone pine cones. They range from 10-15″. I call them my magic wand. There isn’t a surface that can’t benefit from these beauties. This year you will find them used in vases, on trees, on a dining table, mantle or library shelf.  Whether you want plain, snow tipped, gold or silver, they serve to add a touch of rustic glam to any room. These are definitely on my “must have” list. Add them to yours too!

Oh, yes. Gold, gold, gold!

For a modern touch, stylishly simple, try lining them up like this on a windowsill, mantle, dining table or console. Perfection.

Silver glass fillers

One of our biggest selections this year is in glass fillers! Note this tiny silver glass gravel used as a filler here. You’ll find them in assorted sizes from tiny pebbles to large chunks in all finishes to match my retail color stories. These fillers are hip and new, not just for holiday! Use gold in one room, silver in another, or make your own ombre mix! #justgottahaveit

The magic of glass fillers…white, gold, silver, mirrored. Wow.

That’s a little overview of what inspired me when designing my curated 2016 Holiday Collection. I’d love to share it with you.