Susan Taylor
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spring happiness

Even with the snow and ice last week, there is cheer and happiness abounding inside the door of Black-eyed Susan! After the bling and beauty of Christmas is taken down, we always look forward to new shipments  arriving and the stylish offerings that begin to fill the stockroom. It’s time for spring!

Each Wednesday evening, we review the newest deliveries and set out to fill in holes, create entirely new vignettes, redesign room settings, and in general, create new inspirations. This time of year it’s all about bringing in a breath of spring! In other words, happiness! So while your front yard may speak differently, I invite you to step inside my retail store and share the happiness that is abundant. Lots of new inventory, loads of inspiration, and capable staff to help you create something for your own happiness–even while you’re still bundled in a winter coat!

These beautiful peonies bunched with cherry blossoms just make my heart sing! You will find a myriad of tall glass vessels, stylish stone fillers and assorted blooms in various colors to cheer up your own space!

Peonies please! Yes, spring fever has arrived! Come in to infuse your soul with these beauties, and watch for more each week. I’ll keep you posted on my “Wednesday Night Magic” with the latest introductions and my personal favorite picks.