Susan Taylor

Susan Says “These are a Few of My Favorite Things” Generational Hall

I’ve talked about my love of vintage buttons many times before. In several places of our home, I have found places for multiple framed carded buttons from various trips to the Paris flea markets when visiting.

The beautiful portrait of a bearded man is artwork with immense personal value. This is one the first really fine pieces of art that I purchased as a young mother and first time homeowner. The tender expressions and the softness of color spoke to me and I love him still! This little vignette is a perfect example of how I have mixed the old with the new all and kept some of my first roots in design part of my life and decor.


There is a long hallway  that connects the main living areas to our primary bedroom. This is where I have chosen to hang many of my favorite generational photos. These are photos of both my grandchildren and my children. They are the most precious photos, and although many were taken when they were young children, and they all are now nearly adults (!) I love these tender reminders of the people I love most. So many of them are artistic and professionally composed.

Looking down my generational hall from the other side, I tried to capture this row of hall chandeliers, consisting of (2) Baby Blings and (1) semi-flush medium blind! They are so pretty at night.

Again, I know I am unique in keeping some of my older treasures with this new construction. But, I love it! My mother made a suggestion to me once to write the name of each person in the photo and their age at the time on the back… that way, later generations would know exactly who they are! I like that idea. I love seeing the people I love as I walk through this hall.