Susan Taylor
from susan

Susan’s (ok, Fred’s too!) Luxury Charlotte Bathroom!


What I love about our “downsize” is that every room is large!! When searching for an architectural plan we loved, this one was a perfect match. Large 72″ vanities flank each other for his and her separation. Ok, I’m not going to lie, I spill over onto Fred’s side too! Lots of deep drawer space to hold every kind of product for hair and bathing. Carrera Marble counter tops here, as stains are not as much as an issue in the bathroom. I love a good soaking tub (and someday, I promise, it will get a workout!). The neutral coloring with bold contrast on the cabinetry and painted doors calls for some dramatic accent colors…voila! How about a hot pink dyed hide rug? The natural shape is perrfect for this large bathroom. Plantation shutters work perfectly in a space like this for light and privacy at the same time.

Polished nickle reigns here. Hardware, faucets, mirrrors….and I love this Tibetan Lamb Director’s Chair! A perfect place to throw a robe while bathing or showering, dressing or taking center stage for style! Oh. Yes. Hot pink towels overlayed with a vintage monogramed “T” linen handtowel makes it personal. A small accent table always finds good use for accessories and bathsalts. I selected a three tiered chandelier with frosted linear prisms and it is perfect. Lots of light, and sculptural beauty as well. If something stays in my retail store for too long, it’s likely to end up in my home!

I found the perfect sized small natural hide bench to fit under each window for his and her sides. Natural hide furniture and/or rugs are really very practical! Just a bit of baby or gentle shampoo diluted takes off my spills.

Obviously,  I can’t say enough about natural hides, large, small or anywhere in between! In the water closet, I used two small printed hides overlapping. again, the irregular sizes of hides is perfect for small spaces. think hallways, powder rooms, water closets.


I keep having plans to wallpaper this room in something bold, (yes, most likely pink!) but keep finding something I like better every time I think I’m ready! I do love the use of this abstract hot pink and chrome yellow art. So happy and the perfect pop. Note the use of one of my ultimate favorite accessories on the toilette tank. I try to have these in stock…rectangular, round, white or gold. Love!


Bathrooms should not be left out of the accessory loop! I have repeated my accent color in a very tall, heavy weighted bottom glass vessel filled with greens and phaleanopsis orchids. They reflect in the mirror and take up a small footprint. A spa like feeling is gained from the use of coral sculptures throughout the suite. That’s a nice shot of my chandelier too!


Color and charm marries practical needs!

Always a monogram and a large vessel filled with smaller coral and several loose orchid heads repeats both my spa feel and lively color.


This room is made for primping!!