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let your rug be the centerpiece

The perfect rug sets the entire stage for your room! But so much goes into the “perfect” rug. These are a few of the questions you should ask when selecting a new rug;

What is the best size?

Who will live in the space?

Are there pets or small children?

Do you eat here?

Color or neutral?

Handknotted or synthetic?

Do you want to make a statement or will it be an understated background?

Once you have these answers, the important pieces of the puzzle are in place to make a rug selection. When all is said and done, your rug will ground your room and your overall design, and there are soooooo many ways to make that happen! The possibilities are limitless and with the right direction from a design professional at Black-eyed Susan, you can find your dream. Here’s the guidance you need to get started!

rug size

Let’s talk size. Always select a rug that is as large as the room permits. The rug will expand the room and ground the entire design. Don’t fear covering up too much of a beautiful wood floor … everyone will know there is a fabulous floor by spying the perimeter. In this case, it’s go big or go home! Definitely heed this advice. One of the biggest mistakes I see as a professional, and I see it often, is a postage stamp-sized rug under a coffee table.


Another size rule is shown above. Your dining room rug needs to allow for all chairs to be pulled out for seating without going off the rug. It’s an easy rule for sure and easy to measure, once your dining set is selected. This rug was custom woven for the perfect fit. We can help you select the yarn colors, design the pattern and see that it is made!


Here is another sized-to-perfection rug. It’s  a personal favorite of mine to use, a subtle ocelot pattern, available in several colors. This rug is a broadloom intended for wall to wall installations, and thus perfect for custom sizing. Whether it’s a large dining room as above, a square foyer mat, stair runner, or sized for a primary bathroom, you and your designer command the size. In this dining room, I specified a finished size larger than necessary for the chairs to pull out for drama! Oh. Yes.


This view is strictly for you to fall in love with. Call me with questions for the other colors.


Another pro tip for you in size: always allow the front legs of your chairs and sofa to be grounded on the rug. This beautiful synthetic (and don’t forget, sooooo livable and practical in every way) has subtle tones of teal, creams and off white.  I paired it with navy upholstery, citron (see the stool?!), light teal and natural creams. Modern in design, yet a fine update for more traditional furniture you may want to bring more current. This style also speaks well to other fine collected Persian rugs as long as the colors are right. Versatile and soft to the touch, definitely a lot of style for the cost. Many times, a rug vendor will create a collection using the same yarn colors in slightly different patterns or designs. It’s designed to take your eye from room to room in a fabulous flow.


This boho look is popular and so versatile … but I will have to point out that this rug is not large enough! I took this photo in a vendor showroom last January. I’m a big fan of the look (not to mention that table!). However, the size speaks to our advice to go as large as you can … clearly, this is too small. A black textured second rug layered here would be perfect!


rug colors

Consider a rug that grounds your room with color. Here you’ve got a stable, strong, classic in navy, yet quite neutral! Consider pairing this with orange, citron, pink, white or natural. Navy is more neutral than one would suspect. The graphic nature of this rug, along with the performance quality and generous size, brings many good qualities to the table.


This rug is currently in the Urban Loft at Black-eyed Susan in a 10×14. Practical, beautiful and quite a statement … suitable for under a dining table, family room or media room. It’s a personal favorite.


When color this distinct and fabulous is incorporated into a classic pattern as you see above, there’s no mistake, the rug is a hero in the room! Navy, various shades of pink and coral…so lovely. All this is presented to you as a performance rug. Synthetics have made their way into all rug manufacture’s offerings in a big way. Livable, easy to clean, pet friendly and practically child proof! What more could you want?! Stylish living makes everyone happy. This rug is a new addition to my showroom and ready to take home … unless I take it home first! I’m serious.


I fell in love with this rug before I designed the room! It’s almost a persimmon orange with vibrant blues and navy. Love. Love. Love. Another synthetic, oversized rug, made to replicate a vintage over-dyed collectible. Loads of sizes available and I promise you won’t be sad with the statement of color.


The carpet above is a beautiful machine-woven neutral. An updated palette and pattern with a little twist on a classic Persian design. Lovely and soft underfoot. One of my personal favorites and the perfect selection to complete this neutral room. *Sigh*


This rug was perfection for a room I completed last year. My client wanted to have an updated look without going to total modern route. The colors are divine … charcoal, gray and a hint of chartreuse. This closeup gives you a great view of the colors. Soft. Practical. Beautiful. Classic, yet hip!


rug textures

Consider an interesting texture when designing a room. This linear texture speaks so well to the nubby texture on these two stylish accent chairs. Contrasting arms and tables let the neutrals in the room rule. The flatweave nature of this woven rug is perfect if considering layering two rugs. That trend is hip and style all together, we love it!


Texture is often the star of the show when selecting a rug. Black and taupe, classically fabulous. The pink doesn’t hurt either!


Don’t miss the beauty and #purestyle of a natural hide rug as  shown above. Hides can be found in extra large sizes, down to mini sizes, perfect for powder rooms and connecting halls. Shown here, a natural sisal as the base, layered with a natural hide in complimentary blonde tones. Don’t be fooled, hides come in hundreds of colors (dyed) along with the classic brown/blacks, black/white, spotted, speckled, some with metallic enhancements. I’ll shoot a photo of the hot pink one I recently laid in my master bath next time I’m in Charlotte! I can’t get enough of these. And of course I have several fabulous faux hides in the store.


modern rug patterns

Honestly, the category of performance rugs is so vast and broad in pattern styles that they are enjoying popularity in unbelievable proportions. I recently completed this home office for a darling client (we have lots and lots of home offices in the works now!) using a white desk, chairs, console, a dramatic wall color and a rug to pull it all together. This rug will love having the dog live here, attend to drink spills with ease and feel good on bare feet! The blues in the rug feel like they were color matched to the fabulous wall color, a deep teal.


We select rug options based on fabrics we are designing with to complete the perfect completed room. The different rug patterns and styles are an inspiration!


When I designed my beach house, performance rugs were a must. The rug above is actually a soft, modern floral. Deep tones of charcoal, lighter gray and white are so easy to care for. The patterns disguise many use issues (a rental really benefits from that!) and for me, it was all about style. Pretty, practical and soft … a lovely piece of art for the floor.


Love the graphic black and cream. Think modern farmhouse.


I’m in the middle of a great bungalow design in South Carolina right now. We’re using black and bold emerald green, with a hint of other bold colors. I’m loving this black performance rug. You wouldn’t see a single black cat hair on this beauty! Perfectly stylish and pet friendly at the same time. It will definitely be in the offerings to choose from. I’ll keep you posted on the client’s final choice!

That’s a lot of information to take in! Rugs are a huge part of our home design and a very personal statement of style. You’ll find a lovely selection in my rug gallery and throughout the home store with inspiration on how to pair them and live with style. Come in for a look and get inspired.