Susan Taylor
project files

library walls can talk

Let’s take a look at the library walls!

In part 2 of my recent art collection installation, I am going to take you to Nancy’s inspiring library! As a real lover of vintage leather-bound books, and this room did not disappoint. A beautiful bibliotech had been part of my original design years ago to house Nancy and Bill’s beautiful collection of fine books. I’ll include a photo of this at the end.

A fresh paint legend was part of the recent update and this room took little thought as I looked around. Fine wool plaid valances were to remain. Taking this into consideration as well as selecting a strong contrast to the more neutral surrounding rooms, I selected a deep not quite navy, rich blue color (Sherwin Williams 7624 Slate Tile). When I came back to complete the art after the painting update, this room was a personal favorite! In my years of room designing, I continue to love both walls and ceilings the same color — there is hardly a time I can be talked out of this! Nancy agreed and the room was wrapped in a warm, rich hue that begs one to enter and enjoy.

This little corner of the room combined unusual sizes, with one piece leaning, and again were tied together with color and subject. Collaging art is half the challenge with the use of an eye for scale and design … but hanging the pattern is really the key to success! This is real teamwork. The shape and interest of the long, narrow needlework and the addition of the small chinoiserie plate completed the arrangement.

While there were obviously two more walls that completed this room’s art interest, to end this post, take a look at this lovely collection! Once again, size, color and tender memories come into play to create interest and a favorite gathering place.


Watch for a few more areas of collected favorites from this delightful project!