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be mine: love where you live

Valentine’s Day is typically a day set aside for your special someone, or your family. It’s for the people who touch your heart on a regular basis. This Valentine’s Day, we want to give a shoutout to our favorite spots local to Bucks County.

Loving where you live and connecting to your community feeds the soul. To love where you live means recognizing what makes a place special: where we like to eat, shop, be in nature, or get those everyday errands done. Talking daily with your postman about the weather can be one of the little things that refresh your spirit.  What is one of your spots that you connect with?

Susan Taylor, Principal Designer & CEO

Bucks County has my heart! Being one who loves and sells style,  I count on my favorite stylish salon, Paradigm Salon in Newtown, to keep my #ohsosusan short locks in perfect shape! The owner bends over backwards to accommodate three week trims. Her salon is stylish and fresh and I walk out with #purestyle!


Amy Lee, Project Manager & Artist

I love The Watershed Institute in Hopewell, New Jersey. It’s a massive nature preserve with multiple hiking trails that is ever-changing with the seasons. It welcomes and embraces all creatures in our ecosystem. It’s just a great place to explore nature and learn. They also offer many classes and courses, not just to children but also adults. I have taken many courses there and learned so much.


Jackie Macli, Senior Project Manager

I love the rolling hills of Bucks County, the stone farmhouses and weathered barns. In the spring, I frequent the many farmer’s markets for fresh produce and flowers. My favorite place to dine is DeAnna’s in Lambertville, where the decor changes seasonally and always surprises me. Their homemade pasta is the best!


Juliana Ferrazzi, Lead Interior Designer 

One of my all time favorite spots is Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey. It is a 42 acre sculpture park with gardens, 2 restaurants and galleries. It’s great for a solo outing or with the whole family. It’s a combination of art, interactive experiences and nature — the three special elements that most inspire me.


Alyssa Vache, Receiving Assistant & Design Studio Librarian

My favorite place to visit has to be Ralph Stover State Park. It is only about 5 minutes from my house, so it’s ideal for an early morning hike with my dog, Georgia. It sits alongside Tohickon Creek, and there are miles of gorgeous trails through the woods. It’s a great place for me to go to decompress and reconnect with myself. Whether it’s 20 degrees or 80 degrees outside, the park is always so refreshing!


Rachel Olenick, Marketing Director

Most days, the group at Black-eyed Susan brings kale salads from home for lunch. (That’s when we’re not snacking on a slice of birthday cake Susan baked for someone’s birthday!) But we’re lucky to be just down the road from gourmet lunch counters at Jamie Hollander in New Hope, the Carversville Kitchen, or Just Foods and Nonesuch Farm Market in Buckingham. There are plenty of days when we’re picking something to go from a handwritten list of cafe specials on the chalkboard!


Connie Terlecki, Office Manager 

There is plenty to love in Bucks County, but the place I love the most is LBI. Walking on the beach and taking in the ocean breeze is always rejuvenating!


John Gibbs, Home Store Manager

I love the unbridled enthusiasm that my two dogs show every morning when they know they are going for their morning walk. It is as though it is their very first time jumping into the back of the Jeep, as if it’s some brand new adventure — even though we walked the same path yesterday. With big smiles, wagging tales and kisses, this is when you know what’s important.