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My mom’s style influence: Susan and staff share tributes

In thinking of the style influences in your life, Susan points out that a mother or grandmother’s style legacy is not just about interior design! “It can pertain to things like mothering style, gift giving style, cooking style, reading style, or even character style,” Susan said. In a tribute to her mom’s style influence, Susan acknowledges the many ways Charlotte made a lifelong impact — without even getting to her career in interior design!

Susan Taylor, Owner and Lead Designer:

“There is not a joy in me that has not been awakened by her loving touch.” This partial quote from Helen Keller describes perfectly the influence my darling mother had on my creative life! From the time I was a small child, I can recall a stylish mother in every way. Linen draperies with ball fringe trim; chartreuse walls; stylish pencil skirts and high heeled shoes; finely set tables with a full set of forks, knives and spoons — and I’m just getting started! Mother was a wonder and she had a magic touch with style in all things.

I often feel a debt of gratitude for being exposed to as much style as one could take in, along with perfect refinement and fine taste. I have always known that this early exposure to style with my mother, Charlotte Jane Hunter Petersen, instilled within me a true passion for it. Style. I really did learn it from this wonderful woman. How much I miss her influence and how much I love what I learned from her.

Along with her love of style in all things, she was a fine cook who loved cake-baking. I can’t wait to share one of her favorite recipes with you with a heart full of memories. Happy Mother’s Day, Mother. I love and miss you.

John Gibbs, Retail Manager:

My mother had a positive impact on many aspects of my life including my appreciation for art, clothing, entertaining, the importance of friends, and tidiness — I love and miss her dearly. My friends often joke with me as I fluff pillows throughout our house. If you leave your chair, your pillow has been straightened by the time you get back! When I have to explain myself, I remember as a child my mother flying through the house on a Sunday morning fluffing pillows on the sofa and chairs, creasing the drapes as we rushed out the door while my father impatiently honked the horn of the car because we were late for church. I knew we weren’t having company to the house after church, so I’d ask my mother why she took the time for the extra fluff. She’d always say, “you never know when someone might stop by.” This made so much sense to me and I can’t help but follow through. Love you, mom.

Ann Van Scott, Retail Associate:

My mom’s style did not manifest in fashion or home decor. Instead, it came from:

1. Her grace in accepting that she could not bear children of her own.

2. Her unconditional love when she chose to adopt and raise me with all the love of a biological parent.

3. Her strength when she had to move away from all of her relatives to start a new life in a strange city.

4. Her inherent divine passion for gardening and playing in the dirt to grow all things green and beautiful.

5. Her quiet courage when she said goodbye to me as I left the home of my parents to get married and start a new phase of life.

6. Her devotion to loving and caring for my children (her grandchildren) and never saying “no” to an opportunity to babysit.

7. Her fortitude and fearlessness as she battled ALS the last three years of her life.

I hope when I grow up I will be just as stylish as she was.

Juliana Ferrazzi, Designer

My mother is an artist and I come from a family of artists. She has paintings from great aunts, a famous uncle, her own art, her travels, my sister and myself. NO wall is empty. I never understood that as a kid. I would always ask, why does every wall have something on it?? I never did get an answer. In the end, it turns out that I’ve done the same thing! The few walls of mine that are bare, won’t be for long. Cheers to surrounding yourself with people and things you love. Moms are always right, even when they don’t answer your question.