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Like everyone else under distancing guidelines for the coronavirus, we are spending a lot of time at home! The home store is closed while our interior design staff works remotely, taking calls and emails as they forge ahead on client projects. At Black-eyed Susan, the home is something to celebrate. Susan and her team came together to share their favorite places in the house. Make sure to share yours!


Shannon Monson, Floral Specialist

My favorite room in my house would have to be my potting room. It stimulates my creative juices and passion for gardening, houses my favorite birds nest display, and is flexible enough to be used for newly hatched chicks and ducklings.  I love having a room that allows me to come and go from the garden without tracking in the dirt from outside.


Juliana Ferrazzi, Lead Designer

I am so enjoying this corner of my new sofa every morning when I drink my coffee. Coffee is such an important part of the day—at least that is a constant in these ever-changing times!  This spot has some of my favorite things I can stare at as the coffee kicks in. A new piece of art with colors of soft plum, peach and grey; velvet and embroidered pillows; selenite, crystals and some favorite books. It’s a room that doesn’t have a TV, so I’m not even thinking about the news. It’s a pretty and calming spot where I can plan the oh-so-busy day to come!


Tauni McFerson, Home Store Associate

Life gets busy and I almost forgot how much I love this room! This conservatory is what made me fall in love with my house and want to buy it. It warms me in the cold winter months and is the perfect reading room in the spring. My dog Rocky sits in it every day, all day, basking in the sun. It’s nice to sit and enjoy the sunshine with him. Not the worst room to quarantine in!


Alyssa Vache, Receiving Assistant & Design Studio Librarian

My favorite place in my home is quickly becoming my living room. After sitting at home for two weeks, I grew restless and decided to redecorate and declutter. It is a work in progress, but it’s more refined while still maintaining a cozy feel. Neutrals And pops of green—both live and artificial.


Linda Giler, CFO & Buyer

My favorite place in my home is, hands down, my kitchen!  It is here that I prepare the meals for my family, bread for my friends, and cookies, cakes and pastries for me! Feeling stressed, I bake. Feeling bored, I’ll try a new recipe. Feeling celebratory, I do both! And during the past few weeks when it seems as if the world has come to a slow halt I find myself in my kitchen, that I love, doing what I love—baking. Yes, my pants are getting tighter. Yes, lots of cleaning is involved, but my stress comes down and a feeling of peace enters my home that all will be well.


Amy Lee, Project Manager
My favorite place is without question my “creative corner.” It’s not the prettiest place in my home, but it’s where I allow myself to create and explore ideas, free from any judgment or expectation. It’s amazing what you can create when you allow your thoughts to be free.



Susan Taylor, CEO & Principal Designer
While our home is now located in Charlotte, NC, we have a darling, cozy apartment in Bucks County! Originally, I designed it using charcoal and chrome yellow. It’s a cheery and warm palette that has proved long-lasting and versatile. Lately, I added these #ohsosusan modern fashion prints—neutral with just a touch my accent color. They are so pleasing and just make me happy. And that is much needed in these days of home confinement! I’m so glad that home is my happy place.