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my everyday #quarantinelife

Keeping our spirits up can be a real challenge these days.

For some, it’s too many children … for others, it’s not enough children (missing those grandbabies!).

For some, it’s wardrobe issues. Yes, really! My cutest ever sister told me her life had come to “trading out one stretchy outfit (which happened to be a dress) to the next stretchy outfit,” just to be even more comfortable!

For some, it’s a screeching halt to the whole idea of being diet conscious. After all, there’s a lot of extra time for trying out new cake recipes and bread confections! (Not to mention a lot more time in the day for snack breaks). Yikes.

Others find their favorite dog walking trails are now closed.

Several of my friends have a new alarm time around 11:30 a.m. Could be ok once in a while … and then there’s my staff designer, Juliana, who got on a creative roll doing her Instagram videos all night and her bedtime was 6:00 a.m.!

So, I thought you’d like to have a little inside look at what my everyday life looks like during this crazy, life-altered time.


I’m still starting each day making my bed. I’ve always had a thing about the order it brings to my life as well as the beauty it brings to my home. Bed made. Day begins. That’s it.

My little apartment bedroom is a haven and often acts as my home office retreat, a blogging spot, or a webinar hangout!


Second, makeup! To quote another one of my sisters, “you’re the prettiest ugly person I know!” Sadly, that’s true. I can clean up pretty good. And, it just makes me feel better, like normal life. I wouldn’t think about going anywhere without my eyebrows on, and I’m not about to start now! Take a close look at this makeup desk and the “but first, Makeup” cup! That pretty much sums it up for me.


I love this warm and sunny spot and I am happy to sit down  and run through my makeup routine each day!


While the photo is a little redundant, I love this ballet pink velvet chair, and oh! That rug! Both makeup resistant. While this photo is from my recent beach house installation, I still have a designated spot in my apartment closet for sitting down to a vanity table. I guess it’s just that “me time,” and who doesn’t feel better with a new face?!


Lastly, I do try to get dressed every day. While I may not be doing an entire dolled-up accessory look, I put a bangle and some earrings on to finish starting the day. I try to have a regular schedule and I’m finding time for so many more educational things I’ve wanted to squeeze into my life. And, I’m loving midday walks instead of the 6 a.m. ones my regular work schedule demands! All in all, life is good. I’m finding solace in my faith, my loving family, using Marco Polo more, and a bit of humor!

I’m ever thankful for such a supportive and positive Black-eyed Susan staff, who are always willing to go the extra mile for each other and our clients. We miss our tribe and long for the day when the lights are ablaze again at my retail store, and we get to gather in our very fancy lunchroom (it’s in the stockroom … so, the fanciest there is!).

Those days will come again, of that I am sure. Till then, you’ll find more updates here and across all our social media platforms! Find us on Facebook and Instagram.