Susan Taylor
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why paint is the answer (plus, a giveaway!)

Color makes me happy! I’m often quoted saying, “paint is my magic wand,” and it is totally true.

When stores were ordered to close several weeks ago, I had just put together a new front window using about 110 paint memos from our favorite Sherwin Williams. For every paint consultation our team does, we include a paint memo for each color on your paint plan. It correlates to a written legend of each room by color, including start and stop areas from room to room and ceilings. Trim colors are included too, and this legend makes an easy-to-use plan for your painter (yours, or ours!).

This was a happy change from my winter window, and I thought this would be the best place to announce my paint consultation giveaway for Instagram followers! Jump over here to enter through May 12. With spirits sagging, we hope to bring a bit of #purestyle and joy into your home with this giveaway.

Our contest giveaway includes consulting for up the three rooms, complete with file notes and everything you need to proceed on your project. It can all be done remotely with a telephone consultation, photos, and room measurements, or we can schedule it for after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. Labor will not be covered in the giveaway, but we can put you in touch with a paint professional from our resources if needed. This is going to be good!

(And let me just say, this might be the last photo of me that goes public until I can get this bushy hair cut!)

Where do we start for making decisions on paint consultations? While walking through the store, I couldn’t help but notice this photo op, where one of my visual displays was a perfect match to the front window paint memos. Sometimes, a favorite object from your home or even your wardrobe can be an inspiration for the color of a room you are dreaming of.

In the next week, watch for loads of other tips on the magic of paint: how to select the right colors; finishes; the impact of ceilings; bold versus subtle choices. There are so many important things to know about how to achieve a totally fabulous “win” for your next project, large or small. Enter to win & I’ll be waiting to take you the rest of the way.