Juliana Ferrazzi
project files

a living room in a 70’s time warp

I walked into “The Brady Bunch” house.

Well, that’s what I called this project.

The house immediately had that feel because of the architecture. You walk into a sunken living room, open floor plan, vaulted ceilings, and original open riser timber staircase in a slate-floored entry. The icing on top of the cake was a fabulous tree in the atrium going all the way to the ceiling! I was in a 70’s time warp.

Hearing that, most people would gasp with fear of the 70’s design making a comeback. But I loved it! What an opportunity.

The homeowner did not want to do any structural work and the house was in perfect condition. We discussed how the first floor would be used, talked about their preferences, and off I went. I decided to capitalize on the 70’s vibe and use the space as intended. Open floor plans are one of today’s popular designs, but it originated in the 70’s.

Here, the best layout for seating was two interlocking L-shaped sectionals. Each provide plenty of seating, while creating a  comfortable and casual environment. The sectionals divided the room and allowed for additional seating by the fireplace, welcoming a cozy chat with, perhaps, a classic 70’s Tom Collins cocktail!

This sunken living room-style space was now ready for a color palette. No worries … there was no orange, avocado or purple! Using an off-white palette breathed new life into the room. Using shag carpet added another nod to the 70’s. But this was updated, dense, deliciously thick shag that’s like walking on a cloud. There are lovely views of rolling hills and sunlight fills the room beautifully.

The open plan led to the dining room where I kept a light palette, bringing in glistening gold metals and a vibrant sari wool rug. Sari silk and wool rugs are stunning, made of the fabric of traditional Indian saris by re-spinning the pieces of brightly colored material. The rugs are both soft and sturdy with rich, bright colors.

The homeowners were a joy to work with. I still refer to the project as “The Brady Bunch” house, but now the feel is fresh, welcoming and elegant.