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powder room pure style

A few months ago with the patient help of my husband and son-in-law, we finished the new powder room design for our Charlotte home. About a year ago, we closed on a second home with a very basic (and need I say, boring?!) builder’s powder room. I knew that I had a vision that could be created in the short term, and opted for the most basic pedestal sink-boring room! No mirror, no towel holder, no style. That was a bit hard to swallow at the time, but I knew I could design a room I would love!


From the ground up;

Calf hide rug with metallic accents

Floating lacquer gray vanity

Round white lacquer mirror

Metallic drum shade chandelier

Over-sized modern art canvas

My inspiration was the tile selection for the accent wall. I spent several months deliberating on this selection. Some were simple, others more graphic, still others had metallic accents. I considered all white, lots of texture, no texture, mirrored … matte … vertical … horizontal. You get the picture, I deliberated!

I ended up selecting the very first tile I found. This glass tile is from Oceana. It is a poured molten glass. The tile pieces were paper thin and a bit difficult to work with, but as you might guess, Sneelock put his mind to it and tiled the wall for me in about 3 days! I love the tile wall feature. Soft grays and white mixes in color, shiny, and #purestyle.

On one accent wall, I selected a favorite framed letter I purchased from a trip to a Paris flea market several years ago. I’m a fan of manuscripts of all kinds, beautiful hand written script, and vintage stamps. New homes call for new places for your favorite things, and this one made the cut for my new modern-mix powder room! To complete the interest I was looking for, I added three assorted ceramic flower sculptures. (I’m finding so many uses for these wall sculptures for many client projects.) They are popping up in many of my vendor’s offerings in so many shapes and colors. You’ll find loads at my retail store for your own use!

Take a closer look at the fabulous towel bar. Oh. My. I picked up this new line at a recent trade show. Note the flat, rectangular shape. I’m crazy for the style and new look it offers. A hand towel fits perfectly folded in half on the hand towel bar. There is an equally fabulous toilette paper holder, hooks, and faucet selection available as well. I’m loving this new vendor offering. *Sigh* You’ll find select pieces at Black-eyed Susan and more by special order, and you’re sure to notice them often in many of my most current master bathroom and powder room designs.

In the first photo, you will notice the corner of a very large piece of stretched canvas art. The size is a bit unexpected, the colors perfectly selected and the high gloss just the finishing touch I yearned for.

I’m loving the room! Soft gray walls (in Wordly Gray from Sherwin Williams), molten glass tiles, baby hide metallic rug, new hardware, floating vanity and large round mirror. Hot pink accents carry over from my great room accent colors to complete the oomph.

What’s your powder room dream? Research. Ponder. Design. I hope you’re inspired!