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take me home! gift giving ideas

These darling trinket plates have stolen my heart. That’s all. I really want one of each. Mother’s Day…Father’s Day…a friend who is sick or down in the dumps. Yep, I’ll take one of each.

Anyone have a boss or a co-worker who needs this?! Oh. My.

These tiny ceramic vases are the perfect thing for so many places…powder room, side table or sick tray. Add my real touch tiny tulips available in several colors, and wow!

I’ve had lots of requests of late to refill my AJ Morgan readers, and this collection will not disappoint! Oh, and please take a look at these fabulously stylish sunglasses! Great prices starting at $13.00. Oh. Such. Style! #ohsosusan

I’m afraid I took one of each…I have a problem with sunglasses!

These little bunnies below are going fast…I always hate it when my favorite displays start to fade from purchases. I guess that’s the life of a retailer. Hurry in before they are all gone. *sigh*