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a winter wonderland in every shade of blue

One of the themes this year is based around every shade of blue. I came back from High Point Market with this battle cry: “If you don’t like blue, you’d better like blue”! We decided in the planning phase last January to have a tree designed around every color of blue. Navy, sea salt, teal, aqua, snowy blue, royal blue … they all play off each other, and there is a color of blue for each of you! There is something really peaceful about blue, whether it is the deep rich tone of navy or the pale hint of blue in a snowy sky. Several trees in the front display window make this color story one to cherish and collect.

You’ll find I have curated ribbons in the colors of my 2019 Christmas stories. There is always someone on hand who can make a beautiful “Susan bow” for your mantels, banisters, or wreaths. The garland shown here is a lush, soft handed beauty that will be mistaken for fresh … all without the mess! Invest in it just once and you’ll have it for years to come. It’s easy to work with and we can show you the tricks of the trade to install it. It’s oh-so #falalalafabulous!



It’s always so delightful to present the perfect unexpected color of bottle brush tree to tell the story of your room!

Here, teal trees stole my heart at High Point Market and from the response of my clients, you love them too! Don’t overlook the impact of white in your Christmas design. Strong contrast is important, whether it is in your tree, mantel, or dining room sideboard. White is that magical accent that goes with any color and brings all color into focus. A striking large format piece of art sets the stage for these trees. Wow!



Once the stories are designed for the upcoming season, we set about making sure we have plenty of vessels, bowls, vases, votives, and all manner of accessories to complete the decided-on palettes. We use candles (real or battery), tiny battery-operated lights, snow, birch, fabulous boughs and so much more to create stories for you to replicate in your home.

Behind this collection, you can see the trees I described with all blues together. So beautiful! And, you should know, my trees are always for sale. Most of them can be paid for now at 50% off, but not picked up until Christmas takedown time for Black-eyed Susan, about the first week in January. I do have several trees that are available for you to take home now—fully lit and many of them with a new quick assembly that requires no plugging in between layers! It’s a game changer. Come see for yourself.



This gold, gray and white mantel design is a classic basic that can be integrated into almost any home. (That chrome yellow/chartreuse is a reflection of the wall across from it!) You’ll find many garlands displayed with different themes, price points and easy-to-use tricks for detailing, and a full staff of Susan’s helpers to show you how to do it!



This mantel is always one of the most challenging to design. It is the only true historic mantle in the store and thus, about 4″ deep! A favorite owl full of personality sits atop this one with white trees, penguins and the slimmest bottle brush trees. A garland dripping with icicles keeps that wintry cold theme going (brrrrrrrr!).

Some years ago, I painted this natural wood (yes, Sherwin Williams paint) for a designer house prop. I’ve used it so much since! Now, find it dolled up with ornaments (shatterproof-we have the BEST selection of fabulous color and finishes) and again, those tiny battery operated lights. Perfect for a little-used or nonfunctioning firebox!

I can’t *not* mention the beautiful selection of performance rugs found in the store for immediate delivery. They replicate the finest high end, hand-knotted designs and bring style into your room without the worry of care. I have them throughout the entire store and also an entire room full of options for your selection. I’m a fan!