Susan Taylor
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the getaway I needed

After 12 back-to-back weeks of rentals, we were able to find a week for ourselves to get away and celebrate another year of married life. Our property escaped the havoc of Hurricane Isaias by just a few blocks, and being there was relaxing for the most part! It was our first visit back to the Island after our first full season of rentals. We found a few surprises that kept us busier than we had expected! Repairs, spot cleaning and general upkeep took a good part of the week, but we had time for some much needed R&R as well.

Since the last time I showed you around, we named our beach house! I’m pleased to announce it …”Sea Style.”

The gathering room performed well and stood the test of 12 weeks of solid bookings. Yay, performance fabrics … performance rug, and, performance chairs! Performance fabrics such as Crypton, InsideOut, Sunbrella are a win/win for style and living. Working with these options is a whole new world in the design community! Performance rugs have made the same strides and babies, pets and general family living have all new options for ease. I can’t say enough about this category and we’re always here to point them out to you! Loads of options and full of #purestyle.

I love this bar with 3 bar stools so much, it is in my retail store, and it seems to be as much a favorite for renters. I’ve had multiple requests for it and guess what? Yep. The bar stools are also performance fabric! I would never recommend a furnished beach house without the use of this miracle.

I had my worries (as did several others!) about these white chairs…but guess what? You guessed it, performance fabric. I had a few spots to gently clean, but they cleaned up nicely. I just sold the last pair I had in the store, but I’m happy to order them for you! I might add, they are totally comfy too.

My art collage has been a hit and I enjoy the new mixed with the old. I included one of my very first fine pieces of art here, and many fond memories come back to me with this collection. I added a few less expensive pieces from affordable vendors and the mix adds up to a great story. My career has been filled with teaching and installing collages of #perfectplacement and this wall is a good example. Watch for classes I offer and take advantage of this service through my accessory house call service. I’ll take your favorite art pieces and add a few new things to make your wall a favorite in your home.

The owner’s suite withstood the guest list as well. Soft petal pinks and cream provided a week of easy sleeping for us! (There’s another performance rug with plenty of style.) My collection of soft pink coral in the transom windows held up to the sun, and the custom pillows still look great!

I installed this desk/makeup spot in the owner’s suite mostly for my own use, I’ll admit! It’s that time of the morning when I take care of myself, get ready for the day and put on my best face! I highly recommend it. I set aside time in my morning routine, vacationing or at home for this.

I like to call this the den and think of it as a second gathering room for a second family, second generation or children of multiple generations. I guess it won’t surprise you to find this sofa is also “kid friendly” performance fabric and I was happy with way it has held up. This little octopus needed some tender care (obviously perceived as a dog toy by some guest). Good as new now!

A new addition while we were there are these totally cool reading lights at the head of each bunk. And yes, one more performance rug cleaned up nicely, and looks like new!

A week of relaxation and family time … performance fabric success after 12 weeks of putting it to the test … some good cooking and some beach time. Just what the doctor ordered, as I head into our busiest retail time of year and a full load of custom interior design deadlines!

I’ll keep you posted after another season of guests. Cheers to the truly miraculous category of performance living introductions!